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This is Me - Now

Adriano Cortese, film-maker Andrew Sully, and five young people aged between 12-15 from the Castlemaine district in Victoria create video portraits which confront each participant's identity and the rules of belonging. The films range in tone from the wildly imaginative to the intimate, the still and the quiet. Each participant wrote their own text and chose the location and visual framework for these short films about who they are and how they experience their worlds.


Creators - Adriano Cortese, Andrew Sully

Creators/Performers - Ruby Benedict, Bonnie Cook-Hain, Eamon Coulthard, Holly Mcnamara, Ruby Scott

Crew - Max Sharam and Paul Lum

Photo credit - Andrew Sully


2013 - Castlemaine State Festival



This me - Now has been supported by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts; The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria; Castlemaine State Festival.

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