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Through a series of conversations, song and live harpsichord, Affection gently searches the connections between three performers and their audience. Freely traversing the abstract and the ordinary Affection looks at the way people empathise and nurture, reject, help and play with each other. Featuring the music of Francois Couperin (1688-1733), Brian Wilson, the Ramones and the harpsichord of Anastasia Russel-Head.

"There’s a great deal of craft here … but the effect is everything. And that is entirely indescribable. You’ll have to see it for yourself."

Chris Boyd, Sunday Herald Sun

"Their unique innovations are so thoroughly approachable that even the most wary theatregoers will find themselves seduced."

John Bailey, Realtime


Creator/Director - Adriano Cortese
Creators/Performers - Beth Buchanan, Paul Lum, Patrick Moffatt, Heather Bolton

Text - Raimondo Cortese

Additional text - Paul Lum, Patrick Moffatt and Heather Bolton

Harpsichord - Anastasia Russel-Head

Design - Adriano Cortese

Lighting Designer - Niklas Pajanti

Technical Manager - Paul Lim

Producer - Alison Halit

Photo credit - James Boddington


2009 - Black Box Theatre, The Arts Centre, Melbourne



This project was supported by the Full-Tilt program at The Arts Centre, Melbourne; and by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts

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