Projects in development



Ranters Theatre is collaborating with performer Natasha Herbert to create a one-person show. The project began as a series of reflections between Ranters’ Artistic Director, Adriano Cortese, and Natasha on her 27-year life as a performer. Actress examines Natasha’s process of creating a role throughout the rehearsal/performance period of a specific show as it simultaneously intersects the experiences of her life across the same time frame.

What We Talked About After Binge-Watching Antonioni's Alienation Trilogy


One afternoon in August 2019, Adriano Cortese and Patrick Moffatt watched four feature films by Michelangelo Antonioni back to back. The famous ‘alienation trilogy’ plus a fourth film considered part of the same group. The films had been a Xmas present from Adriano’s son who said he related to the main character in The Red Desert. They did the same thing the following afternoon and the one after that…