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Short Films - Encounters 


The second Short Films project inspired by film - making on location in urban areas where onlookers become like a live audience. The project moves to Buamdong, a quiet suburb in the hills of Seoul, where the audience is guided through streets and lanes of the suburb observing a series of actions and scene fragments, sometimes in close-up sometimes distant. The spectator’s framing includes the images of the environment with the ambient sounds, buildings and trees and public all becoming part of the ‘film’. 


Creators/Directors - Kyung-sung Lee, Adriano Cortese
Creators/Performers - Heather Bolton, Beth Buchanan, Dahin Kim, Kyungmin Na, Edwina Samuels, Sooyeon Sung
Producers - Robina Burton and Heejin Lee (Producer Group Dot)



2015 - Buamdong, Seoul



This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; and by Arts Council Korea

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