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Features of Blown Youth

A collaboration with rock musician Kim Salmon, Features of Blown Youth is about those with plenty of time and little else. Into a shared house of urban twenty-somethings enters a very dangerous landlord and everyone’s world explodes in a raw, provocative and ultimately violent drama.

"The sharp, sometimes shattering Features Of Blown Youth may not be an overtly political play but, in its culmination of detail and debris, it manages to pack an almighty punch. Features Of Blown Youth is brilliant theatre."

Bryce Hallett, The Australian

"This is a powerful work given an excellent production...The end is almost sickeningly bleak… this is genuinely disturbing theatre. See it if you can."

Helen Thompson, The Age


Text - Raimondo Cortese

Director - Adriano Cortese

Performers - Arthur Angel, Kris Bidenko, Beth Buchanan, Zoe Burton, Tess Masters, Patrick Moffatt, Robert Morgan, Torquil Neilson

Set Designer - Dan Potra

Costume Designer - Ina Shanahan

Lighting Designer - Lisa Trewin

Composer/Musician - Kim Salmon

Stage Manager - Robert Daoud

Production Manager - Cathy Reid

Administrator and Project Manager - Chris Dupé

Photo credits - Jane Burton

 – Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Theater der Welt Festival, Berlin

1999 – Performance Space, Sydney
 – Economiser Building, Melbourne International Arts Festival


Features of Blown Youth has been supported by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts; The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria, the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts; The City of Melbourne; The Performance Space; Performing Lines


Features of Blown Youth by Raimondo Cortese, Red Door Publications, Australian

Features of Blown Youth by Raimondo Cortese in Melbourne Stories: Three Plays, ​Currency Press 2000 

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