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The Fertility of Objects


Have you ever looked deeply into the eyes of your obsession and sworn you would do anything to possess it? Two performers stand before a great shiny object of desire for which they will do or sacrifice anything.

"Fertility Of Objects — better described as a dried blood burlesque than a black comedy — reinforces my initial impression that Cortese is an outstanding new dramatist."

Chris Boyd, Herald Sun

"Fertility Of Objects is a sharp reminder of everything theatre should be. Truthful, entertaining, honest and thought provoking. More please."

C E C Busby, Theatre Reviews


Text - Raimondo Cortese

Director - Lynne Ellis

Performers - Zoe Burton, Patrick Moffatt

Assistant Director - Merfyn Owen

Lighting design - Lisa Trewin

Set Designer - Lynne Ellis



1996 – La Mama, Melbourne
1995 – La Mama, Melbourne


This project was supported by La Mama Theatre; The Elsternwick Hotel; Raoul Records,Turtle Cafe; Lo Spuntino; The Grub Street Bookstore

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