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Roulette Part 3


Roulette Part 3 makes up the final four pieces in the Roulette series, a cycle of twelve short works which focus on chance meetings between two people in a range of situations. It provides a mosaic of human interaction across a range of emotional landscapes. The series of twelve works are inspired by an ancient Chinese cosmology chart called the Twelve Branches of Life: desire, travel, fortune, self-expression, marriage, responsibility, health, class and rank, law, business, children, friendship.

"There is an extraordinary contrast between apparently inconsequential exchanges between the speakers and what is at stake between them. The speakers sit and make conversations out of cliches...that come to express unresolved conflict, despair, sex and love."

Helen Thompson, The Age


Texts - Raimondo Cortese
Director/designer - Robert Daoud

Lighting designer - Cathy Reid

Performers: Friendship - Arthur Angel, Paul Lum; Innocence - Adriano Cortese, Kelly Tracey; Sisters - Heather Bolton, Felicity Soper

Break-in - Beth Buchanan, Paul Lum

Producer - Cathy Reid



2005 - La Mama Theatre, Carlton Courthouse

2005 - Butter Factory, Drouin



This project has been supported by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts; The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria; The City of Melbourne; La Mama Theatre


Roulette - 12 dialogues by Raimondo Cortese, Currency Press in association with La Mama Theatre 2005

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