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A collaboration between Brazilian visual artist Laura Lima, UK musician James Tyson, and Ranters Theatre.


SONG is a living installation that takes the idea of a performance, removes the stage, and transforms the space into an artificial landscape of sounds, scent and light. Inspired from a series of songs performed intimately and from a distance concerning place, relationships and the nature of purposeful existence.

"Equally relaxing, scary and inspiring, earthly and divine."

Jose Solis, Stage Buddy, NYC

"That this sense of communion—constructed though it may be—feels so fresh is itself an unsettling reminder of the things missing from our contemporary lives."

Kevin Ramser, Contemporary Performance, NYC 

"The soundscapes were often breathtaking."

Wales Arts Review

"Song is an exceptional installation crafted with care, and beautiful in execution. Artistically it is a triumph."

DJ Pearce, Theatre People


Concept/Designer - Laura Lima
Concept/Composer - James Tyson

Concept/Director - Adriano Cortese

Performers - Paul Lum, Patrick Moffatt and James Tyson

Image production/Lighting design - Stephen Hennessy

Touring lighting design - Govin Ruben

Sound design - David Franzke

Perfumer - George Kara

Lightning effect - Phil Lethlean

Foyer Exhibition - Sophie Takach

Production Management - Geordie Baker, Govin Ruben and Rubix Cube

Photo credits - Alex Reeve



2016 - COIL Festival, New York, USA

2015 - Australia in Turkey Festival, Garajistanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

2014 - International Performance Festival, Cardiff, UK

2013 - Arts House, North Melbourne

2011 - Plutonium Playhouse, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Songs only as a curtain raiser for Zuppa Theatre's The Debacle)


2015 - Wales Theatre Awards nomination for best Sound and Lighting



Chapter Arts Centre, Mission to Seafarers Melbourne, Easy Turf, Design Sense and Resolution X

Song has also been supported by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts; the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; Monash University; the City of Melbourne through Arts House; Wales Arts International; Arts Council Wales; Zuppa Theatre and Canada Council for the Arts. Song was developed in the CultureLAB, Art House.

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