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St Kilda Tales

St Kilda Tales is inspired by the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda where various members of Ranters Theatre lived for a number of years. With its heterogeneous community, the suburb became the springboard into a contemporary urban ritual. To the pulsing beats of a live electronic score ten performers create a continuously moving multi-faceted choreography. They wander aimlessly, prowling the stage or moving to the music, engaging with each-other in seemingly chance-like encounters sometimes with consequences sometimes not. Epic and intimate at the same time, St Kilda Tales celebrates the anarchic complexity that underlies everyday existence.

"St Kilda Tales is a rush of theatrical adrenalin that leaves you punch-drunk but strangely exhilarated. There is nothing like it."

Stage Left 

"Amazingly authentic and not at all precious. It’s hard-hitting and obscene, but sounds dead right coming from this cast of 10."

Chis Boyd, Herald Sun

"This production really does extend the possibilities of the Australian stage. St Kilda Tales pushes theatre into a new relationship with the world of experience."

Michael Cathcart, ABC Radio


Text - Raimondo Cortese
Director - Adriano Cortese

Assistant Director - Robert Daoud

Performers - Kris Bidenko, Heather Bolton, Beth Buchanan, Zoe Burton, Luke Elliot, Paul Lum, Tess Masters, Patrick Moffatt, Robert Morgan, Genevieve Morris, Glenn Perry, Kelly Tracey

Set & Costume Designer - Anna Tregloan

Lighting Designer - Shane Grant

Original music - Shane Thornton (Spanish Flower)

Stage Manager - Armando Licul

Production Manager - Cathy Reid


2003 – SITE Festival, Coimbra, Portugal
2003 – Teatro Nacional S. Joao, Porto, Portugal
2003 – Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales
2003 – Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales
2003 – Green Room Theatre, Manchester, England
2001 – Centenary of Federation Festival, Merlyn Theatre, Playbox, Melbourne



St Kilda Tales has been supported by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts; The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria; The Centenary of Federation Festival (Melbourne Festival); Playbox Theatre (Now Malthouse Theatre); The City of Melbourne; the Harold Mitchell Foundation 

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