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The Large Breast or The Upside-down Bell


A murder mystery and a tale of obsessive passion. A man and woman from different worlds meet beside a pond, which holds the secret to something shocking that happened between them in the distant past.

"The play aims to make the writer, Raimondo Cortese, invisible, and, in its skillful employment of situational dialogue, it succeeds. The actors tease out the possibilities of the dialogue with a light touch, making the final shock all the more effective."

Helen Thompson, The Age


Text - Raimondo Cortese

Director - Brett Adam, Adriano Cortese

Performers - Beth Buchanan, Luke Elliot, Jerome Pride, Kelly Tracey

Set design - Anna Tregloan

Lighting design - Lisa Trewin



1996 – La Mama, Melbourne
 – La Mama, Melbourne
 – Upstairs Belvior St Theatre, Sydney



This project was supported by La Mama Theatre, Belvoir St Theatre, The Elsternwick Hotel, Raoul Records,Turtle Cafe, Lo Spuntino, The Grub Street Bookstore

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