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The Room


Surrounded by a projected landscape of his eerie imaginings, a man interacts with various ghosts from his past and ritualises his obsessions with the few remaining objects left at his disposal. Meaning slowly disintegrates, rationality crumbles, past and present are fused into a continuous verbal monologue as his situation becomes increasingly bizarre.

"This is a rough, disturbing production, but voyeuristically mesmerising, nonetheless — in the manner of a car accident or American Psycho."

Fiona Scott-Norman, The Bulletin

"The Room is not a comfortable evening in the theatre. It is well worth it, however, for Jerome Pride’s intricate performance and the emergence of a strong new voice in Raimondo Cortese."

Simon Hughes, The Age


Text - Raimondo Cortese
Director - Marcia Ferguson

Performer - Jerome Pride

Lighting/Set design - Paul Jackson

Sound design - Darren Steffen



1995 – Napier St Theatre, South Melbourne


1995 - Green Room award for Distinctive Contribution to Melbourne Theatre (Sound design)

1995 - Green Room nomination for Best Playwright

1995 - Green Room nominations for Best Director

1995 - Green Room nomination for Most Outstanding Performer

1995 - Green Room nomination for Emerging Designer


Presented in Association with Napier St Theatre, South Melbourne with support from St Kilda Aquarium, Diners de Gala Cafe, Fowlers Vacola, Masters Billiards and Snooker Club, St Kilda.



The Room by Raimondo Cortese, Australian

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