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The Wall


A collaboration with Australian Rock musician Kim Salmon


The Wall is an urban ritual; a public environment where six strangers meet sit, chat, come, go, eat, drink, and smoke. The piece erupts through a series of conversations and encounters in which, much like its performance style, all artifices and social codes are gradually stripped away. Situations collide, fester, explode and dissolve in one continuous scene.

"Their interactions are so completely in the moment, so thrillingly real and beautifully realised, that you will feel like a voyeur. Privileged. Awed."

Chris Boyd, Herald Sun

"The six actors give one of the finest ensemble performances I have seen. On stage for two hours, they could almost be improvising their conversations, apparently randomly relating to one another, drifting apart, always observers and sometimes participants in a slow, familiar social ritual of chance acquaintance."

Helen Thompson, The Age

Concept/Director - Adriano Cortese

Text - Raimondo Cortese

Assistant Director - Robert Daoud

Performers - Kris Bidenko, Heather Bolton, Beth Buchanan, Natasha Herbert, Paul Lum, Margaret Mills, Patrick Moffatt, Kim Salmon

Designer - Adriano Cortese

Lighting Designer - Shane Grant

Touring lighting design - Paul Lim

Original music - Kim Salmon

Producer - Cathy Reid

Photo credits - Jeff Busby


2008 - Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

2008 - Arts House, North Melbourne

2003 - Horti Hall, Melbourne International Arts Festival



The Wall has been supported by the Australian Government through its arts funding and advisory body the Australia Council for the Arts; The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria; The Melbourne International Arts Festival; Arts House, North Melbourne; The City of Melbourne;   Chapter Arts Centre, Wales

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