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Three Cities


A collaboration between Chapter STIWDIO (Wales), El Patron Vazquez (Argentina) and Ranters Theatre (Australia).


Three Cities consists of three works by three writers, produced by three different companies from three different cities: Cardiff, Buenos Aries and Melbourne. The production of Three Cities contains many themes: language, port cities, migrants and émigrés; localised urban settings and trans-national correspondences. Each work of Three Cities provides a micro-study of an aesthetic from a particular place: the style of performance, the form of language, production values, as well as those fictions articulated by the spoken words and situations of each work. The piece as a whole uses a presentation format familiar in dance, for example, of presenting the work of three choreographers on one night; it has also drawn from a common reference of those works of cinema that similarly present small scale dramas of life as experienced almost simultaneously in cities across the world, such as Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth (1991).

"A brutal naturalism, which feels more like great improvisation than the scripted piece it is. For all this, it is as refreshing and as unmannered a piece of theatre as I have seen, which leaves the audience squirming and self-scrutinising, even as they laugh."

"As an ensemble, the three pieces masterfully highlight those aspects of human nature that cross boundaries: particularly our misuse of that peculiar gift of communication."

Allison Vale, British Theatre Guide


Producer - Chapter STIWDIO (Wales) with Ranters Theatre (Australia) and El Pátron Vázquez (Argentina)

Technical Director - Dan Young

Affection by Ranters Theatre

Text - Raimondo Cortese
Director/designer - Adriano Cortese

Performers - Heather Bolton, Paul Lum, Patrick Moffatt

Design assistant in Cardiff - Elena Scalzi

Jetlag by Chapter STIWDIO

Text - Des Barry

Director - James Tyson

Performers - Claire Isaac, Gareth Potter, Nathan Sussex

Designer - Elena Scalzi

Buenos Aries by El Pátron Vázquez

Text - Rafael Spregelburd

Director/Lighting - Rafael Spregelburd

Performers - Andrea Garotte, Mónica Raiola, Rafael Spregelburd, Alberto Suárez

Set design in Cardiff - Elena Scalzi

Painting - Isol

Producer - Corina Cruciani

Original Music - Zypce (El Tema del Grito based on a melody by Isol)

Assistant in Argentina - Francesc Jiménez Llinás

Translation assistants - Des Barry, Angie Mulhall

Photo credits - Kirsten McTernan


2007 - Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff



This project was supported by Chapter Arts Centre, Wales; Full Tilt at The Arts Centre, Melbourne; The Victorian Government through Arts Victoria

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